Your Competitive Edge - Our Comprehensive Support

If you ever want someone to talk to, if there’s ever a question you can’t answer, a problem you can’t solve, or if you just need a boost of confidence to answer a client’s question, just pick up the phone and call the Padgett support line. We are your foundation, your support, the people you can rely on from the day your ownership goes into effect. You can also leverage the community of franchise owners in our network of over 100 offices in Canada, and 300 in the U.S. Whether you have a simple computer question or a complex tax conundrum, the Padgett support team will be ready to help find answers and provide solutions.

Padgett Business Services™ offers franchise owners unmatched support from day one, including:

Continuing Education

Padgett provides ongoing professional training several times a year at no charge to you. It is designed to keep you at the leading edge of your field and a step ahead of your competition. As part of the continuing education program Padgett provides franchise owners the opportunity to polish up their knowledge, learn about developments in the industry and network with each other at its annual tax seminar held in Canada in English and in French, as well as the annual marketing conference.

Padgett Support System

We offer a completely integrated network for help, advice and information. Consider our staff to be your back office, your research group and your development staff. Another way Padgett supports its franchise owners is by listening to them. Through a franchise owner staffed Advisory Board everyone’s ideas and opinions are voiced and presented to the Padgett support team on a quarterly basis.

Online Support

Padgett provides franchise owners with Internet support through a web site dedicated to helping owners gather information, answer questions and network with each other. You’ll have 24-hour access to the Padgett online resource site—that means any time, any day you can log on to find valuable advice, information and support for your business. Or Join the online franchisee community to discuss ideas with other Padgett office owners, one of ours and your best resources!


With Padgett, you get instant access to progressive marketing tools that will help you attract new business. From assistance with marketing plans and professionally designed and field-tested programs, to ready-made sales materials that will create qualified business leads, we’ll help you make marketing your new Padgett business a breeze.


Every month, franchise owners receive two newsletters. The Bottom Line Online provides news of what is happening at Padgett including new franchise owners and company news. The Small Biz Builder is provided to franchise owners to help them stay in constant contact with clients and build the relationship that drives business. The Small Biz Builder features information that impacts every aspect of your client's business like changes in the tax law, accounting questions, payroll considerations and other concerns tailored to small business professionals.

Technology Updates/Solutions

Padgett’s research and development team provides timely computer updates, new methods of client development and workable solutions to many day-to-day problems.