In addition to our extensive training and support programs, Padgett Business Services™ will provide you with the tools to run your office from day one, and keep it growing down the road. We have developed a portfolio of proprietary software solutions that will become your essential tools as a franchise owner, including:

The Padgett Accounting System

Our team has developed an accounting system that will allow you and eventually your employees to prepare and distribute accurate and timely financial records to your clients. Our system does away with the complexities intrinsent in other accounting systems and focuses on the needs of your small business client.

Padgett Connect

The vital link between your client and your Padgett Accounting System! Too many small business owners get bogged down trying to make large and complex accounting solutions work for them. Padgett Connect eliminates these complexities allowing the business owner to focus on running their business. AND the information in Padgett Connect loads automatically into your Padgett Accounting System. Visit our Padgett Connect Website to learn more about this incredible award winning tool!

PayTrak Payroll Services

Ten years ago PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES™ identified processing small business clients payroll was an inefficient way to allocate resources in our franchisees offices. We responded. PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES™ created a full service payroll bureau to handle the needs of our franchisees clients, while compensating our office owners at the same time. Now, referring their payroll clients to our sister company is one of the most profitable portion of their business. Learn more about Paytrak Payroll Services.

Our High Powered CRM Solution

PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES™ will provide you with a name brand recognized leader in CRM solutions to help you organize and grow your business. Over the course of your training period you will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of this tool to grow your business. By recording your contacts leads, follow ups and communications with this piece of software and the comprehensive marketing training we provide your business will flourish.

The Padgett Reality Check

Only Padgett franchise owners can offer their clients the Padgett Reality Check™, an exclusive service that tells clients how their business is doing in comparison with other businesses in their industry.